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Doug Chandler in a turn hauling the mailHead Corner workers aren't necessarily fast riders like Doug Chandler here.  They do have other important skills such as organizing.  They get plenty of track time and they are crucial to the school's sucess.  They make sure that the corner worker staff gets to the track and they help manage them at the track. Having a few friends that ride and asking some simple questions of the corner workers make the job much easier.   Here's a couple of those questions.  Is your motorcycle track worthy Can you drain the coolant?  (Straight water with or without water wetter will not hurt your bike over a few days.) Can you transport your motorcycle to the track?  Hopefully you can bring another bike to the track like another corner worker's?   Most importantly, do you have e-mail and do you check it on a regular basis?

Communication and Scheduling are the keys to becoming a CSS Corner Worker.  You are going to initiate the process by e-mailing the Head Corner Worker for the racetrack you want to go to.  Each location will have a Roster of everyone approved by that location's Head Corner Worker.  You could even apply to become the Head Corner Worker if the position hasn't been filled yet.  We are going to new tracks all the time, so there are openings.  You will find a Roster of just the Head CWs on the Contacts page.  There you can also e-mail Cornerworker Coordinator about becoming a Head Corner Worker.