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Planning ahead is crucial to your success, especially since the cornerworkers depend on you!  Don't jump the gun and start making plans too far ahead of time like 8 weeks.  Some of these guys will be excited and want to make plans.  If you start scheduling too soon, you may find yourself having to make changes to your staff later.  With 3 weeks lead-time the Head Corner Worker should have his or her staffing for each school date close to being filled.  Cancellations are exceptable up to 2 weeks before a school, but are discouraged.  At 2 weeks before a school date your staff of cornerworkers should be finalized.

Staffing Correctly can be tricky.  First, we will sometimes have a instructor try out working as a cornerworker.  Many of our instructors have come from the cornerworker staff.  The instructor try outs might work only one day and you may only get 2 weeks notice that they are going to be there.  We will do our best to give as much notice as possible.  You will need to know how many cornerworkers are required for each location.  Most locations require 4 or 5 flagging stations.  There is a limit of 2 cornerworkers riding at any time, so if you staff any extra cornerworkers that means  less track time for everyone.  If you are short a cornerworker for whatever reason, then that is one less CW/rider on the track.

Keep in Touch with your cornerworkers and CSS.  That means whoever is in charge of the cornerworkers in the US.  Currently that is Whitney.  Who is also the webmaster for this site just in case you have any comments about the site or updates to the rosters.  The cornerworkers will need to be reliable and they will want track time.  Try to rotate them around. That way you have a big enough group of quality guys to handle the odd time when everybody is either racing or getting married the same weekend.  You might want to check on your staff a week or so before the school date to make sure they have made travel arrangements.  You should update CSS, (Whitney) before a school  roughly 3 weeks before the school date.  (That way you will know about any instructor try outs as early as possible.)  Just e-mail him with the number of CWs scheduled and their names.  A first name and last initial is fine.  Then just check in with course control the day of the school.