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Planning ahead is crucial to your success.  You should take the initiative and contact Your Head Corner Worker about 5 weeks before the date you want to work.  Don't jump the gun and start making plans to far ahead of time like 8 weeks.  With 3 weeks lead-time the Head CW should have his or her staff for each school date.  Cancellations are acceptable up to 2 weeks before a school, but are discouraged.  So, late additions of CWs are possible.

Logistics are important and you should allow for plenty of  lead-time.  Make sure you have a ride and accommodations about 2 weeks ahead of time.  Use the Roster for your location to find someone that lives near you and that can give you and your bike a ride.  Remember the transport column in the rosters refers to the total # of bikes that person can haul.  You may need to do this before you commit to a specific date.  Corner working both days of a series is the norm, but not required.  If you are new to this, it is best to pair up with another corner worker to reduce the costs of travel and lodgings.  You will then have a guide with the correct directions making the drive a little easier. 

E-mails over Phone Calls, that's why planning ahead of time is so important.  If you do have to call, be courteous about the hour and refrain from using pager or cell numbers if possible.  The primary or preferred phone number will be on top.  The transport column shows if the corner worker can transport additional bikes beyond his/her own.  When e-mailing, the Head CW will send an e-mail confirming that you are scheduled and you should respond back that you have received the confirming e-mail!  Sometimes the internet fails to deliver the mail.