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Vital Information, is needed in your e-mail.  Please enter the location and dates you wish to work in the e-mail description.  Some locations may have a full roster of cornerworkers, so check the location you want to corner work at, in the listing of Head CWs found below.  If it is still open, just convey these 10 items in the body of your e-mail.  If you need to write anything else please do so at the bottom of the e-mail.  Feel free to copy and paste the items below, that should speed up the process.  It would be nice to have a headshot, please send it in a separate e-mail with your name.  If you are not able to send one now, that's fine.  (If possible send it 100 pixels wide and 115 pixels tall approx. 1 x 1 1/4  inches, if not we can take care of it) 

  1. (   ) Which Racetrack (1 e-mail for each track please)
  2. (   ) Full Name *
  3. (   ) Your Address (only your city & state will be listed) *
  4. (   ) E-mail *
  5. (   ) Your track bike (or street bike)*
  6. (   ) Best phone # to reach you*
  7. (   ) Secondary phone #s (these numbers will not be posted)
  8. (   ) # of CSS taken
  9. (   ) # of days Corner Working
  10. (   ) # of bikes you can transport (including your own) *
    * Information will be posted on the web

Your application should be sent to Whitney, the Lead Cornerworker Coordinator for the school

CW or Head CW?  Once that is done you should get a response back in about a week.  You may need to schedule a phone call with your Head CW.  It may take awhile before you are posted on the site.  Otherwise, once you are on the roster you can check the schedule for dates that we need CWs.  The Head CW will confirm with you the dates that you will be scheduled to work.  Please e-mail back a response to the confirmation.

Remember no shows and cancellations with short notice (less than 2 weeks) are unacceptable.  Plan on being at the track by 7:15am.