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students lined up & ready to rideKeep Riders Safe, There are up to 60 students per day and anywhere from 20 to 30 bikes on the track at any time.  With this many riders it doesn't take much to get busy at the racetrack. As a corner worker you have to be concerned with issues of safety.  If you see a crash or anything unsafe just radio it in and man that flag.  Don't go to the rider or bike to help out.  The CSS staff will handle it.  Remember those other 20 riders.   That's your job. 

Flags and a Radio are your tools for the day.  The yellow flag is one way of communicating to the students.  You could just hold it up which is a "standing" yellow flag and means use caution and do not pass.  A waving yellow flag means there is something on or near the track that requires the students immediate attention.  Always get on the radio first and then wave the flag, that way our staff can react quickly.  We also use a blue flag and usually point it at the rider.  Where the yellow flag deals with issues of safety; the blue flag deals with the schools drills, techniques and the occasional close pass.  Basically it signals an error in the student's riding, but it could even be a mechanical issue with their bike.  The radio is for communicating to the CSS staff when something needs handling such as a close pass.  This is a school so passes are to be made at a minimum distance of 8 feet

Ride Responsibly, now you know how to flag the corners.  AfterInstructor talking to the student  a few sessions of that, it's your turn to ride.  You still have to pay attention.  The same rules about close passing apply to you and if you see any unsafe riding you need to report it to a CSS staff member.  Hopefully, your fellow corner workers are communicating student errors, so an instructor can address it and you can just ride.  That's good because, the first few drills are limited in gears and brakes you will use.  Later in the day that is not required and you can just ride and ride some more.