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Corner Worker with yellow flagReady to Work and Ride?  You work for your track time by the corners and communicating on the radios.  Our school rotates groups of students between the classroom and the racetrack.  The corner workers rotate from working in the corners to riding the track.  Expect to work two or three sessions and then ride one.  You should get the same track time or more than the students, because of the corner worker's lunchtime ride Not Available at all track.

The Conditions can be tough.  The school runs rain or shine and the corner workers are stuck on the side of the racetrack for nearly the entire day, except when they ride.  Expect to spend 8 hours in the elements so you might want to bring a chair, some sun block and maybe even rain gear depending on the weather and location.  You have to stay in a corner the entire day, so come prepared.  You might get hungry after a few hours so bring snacks, lunch, and FLUIDS .  Water is the best choice.  Bring proper riding gear (full leathers, gloves, boots, full face helmet) and proper clothing for the conditions.

rider with toes draggingThe Bikes have to be taken care.  We will need a little help handling the students bikes for a half an hour or so.  All of the motorcycles, including your own, must have their mirrors removed, all the lights taped, tires pressure set and a quick inspection before they go on the track.  All of the bikes should have plenty of tire tread and the coolant replaced with water before they come to the track.  A full tank of gas is a must, and you may want to bring along a gas can for your own personal bike.  Yes, CWs are expected to have their own bike.  If possible you should handle your bike before arriving at the track by 7:15 am.  Around 8:15 you will have a morning briefing to cover any specifics to the location and your duties for the day. 

Focus Your Attention, The students come first and that requires your attention all day.  You are required to focus on the students and their riding.  For example would you notice this rider's foot about to drag as she went past you doing 35 mph?  The physical demands are not too tough.  You might have to hold a flag at the same time you radio in what you are seeing.