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CW riding with the students

Riding with the students, Can you spot the corner worker?  He's the blue R1 without a number plate.  Corner workers normally ride as many sessions as the students plus one more.  The CSS staff works hard so we need to take a lunch and that means the students can't ride the track during that time.  The corner workers have the option of riding or eating, but if you plan ahead you can always ride during lunch.  Eat during your off track session.  Expect to get as many miles as a good open track day anywhere from 100 to 200 miles.  There are just a few limitations on your riding like a safe passing distance, limited gear and brakes in the morning and no crashing.

Safe Passing helps everyone.  The students can learn with less stress and the corner workers can ride with less concern.  You don't have to worry about somebody taking you out or you crashing that new bike.  This is a much safer less stressful environment than a club race or open track practice.  The drills help too and since the students are riding them it could only benefit you to do the same.  Who knows you may end up perfecting what you learned at a past school.  You might even discover a new ability or more confidence, because the drills work.  That's why you took the school.  Remember?

Corner Working itself has it's own rewards.  Sometimes just watching the drills up close will give you examples and understanding that you may not have had.  Helping the students and seeing a real change for the better in their riding is awesome.  Unfortunately, the best part of the job is what you don't see.  You don't see the riders out of control or worse yet in the dirt.  When the corner workers do their job everything goes smoothly and the fun factor goes up.

CSS Instructor & racer (his bike & school leathers)What's your Future and who knows where all this track time will take you?  Some of our current Instructors are past corner workers.  More than a few of our CSS Corner Workers race on the same track we teach at or one nearby.  You might even meet a new buddy and ally for your motorcycle adventures.  You will most certainly have fun, work hard and ride that cycle! Perhaps if you keep riding, doing the drills, taking classes, you could become a Champion?  You will ride with the best school in the world, on some of the safest tracks with a well trained passionate staff!  Hope to see you on the Track!